Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 4, March 2006, Pages 1-246 

Editorial Note

Editorial Note

Pages 9-10

F. Khosravi


Pages 33-42

N. Babaee

Quality control of indexing proces

Pages 93-103

S. Alidousti; H. Assareh; Z. Kazempour

Toward conceptual indexing using automatic assignment of descriptors

Pages 151-156

BY: A. Montejo Raez; Translated by: H. Ashrafi Rizi

The development and structure of Chinese thesaurus for subject indexing

Pages 157-168

By: W. Zhang; Translated by: A.R. Asnafi; F. Danesh

Abstracting kewwords from hypertext documents

Pages 169-174

By: B. Choi & B. Li; Translated by: F. Danesh

Probabilistic or weighted indexing

Pages 175-182

By: H. Borko; Translated by: M. Bagheri

Semantic indexing: a case study

Pages 183-188

By: S. Rhind-Tutt; A.A. Khasse

Ontologies and semantic Web

Pages 189-194

By: E.K. Jacob; Translated by: F. Sheikh Shoaei