Aims and Scope

Last update: 13 Feb. 2022

Librarianship and Information Organization Studies, a double-blind peer review journal with open access, is devoted to a wide range of topics in the area of librarianship in general and information organization in particular. In line with the mission of the National Library of Iran (NLI) to promote research and education, our aim is to deliver new trends and advances in the field to library and information science professional community.

Our Journal is an ideal choice for researchers who prefer their articles:

  • benefit from a double-blind peer review process;
  • get published online in the shortest time;
  • abstracts of their articles surface in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social networks;

Subject Areas We Welcome Your Contributions:

  • Theoretical issues Library and information science and their education;
  • Library and information science as a profession;
  • Collection Development in all formats;
  • Legal and electronic deposit in national libraries;
  • Information and Knowledge Organization, management and dissemination of information;
  • Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS), subject headings, thesauri, ontologies, and classification systems,…;
  • Interoperability of Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS);
  • Authority files compilation;
  • Special resources cataloging (e.g. manuscript and rare books);
  • Classification and subject analysis;
  • Content & Encoding standards, Conceptual and Data models and their mapping;
  • Online Public Access Catalogs (OPACs);
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for metadata creation;
  • Library and information Science (LIS) related Data Science;
  • Automated Indexing and classification;
  • Semantic web: technologies and standards;
  • Information storage and retrieval;
  • Digital and Non-Digital library applications;
  • Relevance evaluation in Information Retrieval Systems;
  • Digital Libraries Standards and Functions;
  • Digital preservation;
  • Acquisition, management, preservation, and accessibility of digital objects;
  • National Libraries & accompanies issue;
  • ScientScientometrics , webometrics, informetrics & bibliometrics;
  • Policies, best practices, strategies in;
  • Customizing and adaptation of library and Information Science standards & models;
  • Information and library services;
  • Information Seeking Behavior;
  • Reading Studies.