Reviewer Guide

At the beginning you will be asked to declare your willingness to accept the role of reviewer. If you have registered with us as reviewer, you can enter the site with your login name and password.

In order to streamline the process,  we send an email immediately after the editor names you as the reviewer. If you accept the request, a direct login link to the journal will be sent to you to enter the system without username and password.

Then we need you to take following steps:

Select the role of the reviewer after logging in.


1)  You will see this page:




2) New reviewers’ invitation is displayed in this section.

3) After accepting to review, the article will be transferred to the “Pending assignments” section.

4) You may see the state of rejected articles here

5) Get the certificate for the article you have reviewed here.


Please also note

  • You may not  change your opinion once you sent it to the editorial.
  • We will notify you via email when an article is uploaded on the system for you to review.
  • You may accept or reject to review the article assigned for you.
  • For the abstract and out note about the article, please click on the article’s code.
  • Article’s code will be automatically disabled after you have completed the review.
  • You may view the full text of the article once you accept to review it.
  • If  you change your mind after accepting the assignment, you may click on  "unable to review ".
  • There is a space for you to write a  note for the author and the editor.
  • We need you to complete the Manuscript Evaluation form.
  • Please send the reviewed file along with your comments the editor.
  • Here we need you declare your final judgment by ticking one of the following boxes:
    • Acceptable
    • Minor changes/revision
    • Major changes/revision
    • Not acceptable
    • Unable to review