Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, 2, 3, & 4, March 1991, Pages 1-338 

Review Article

Book and Writing in Islam

Pages 7-20

M. Rajabi


Library of Congress Subject Headings: Is Euthanasia the Anower?

Pages 76-95

By: D. Henige; Translated by: R. Kiyani

Response of the Library of Congress

Pages 96-100

Translated by: R. Kiyani


Library Associations and Advancement of Librarianship in Developing Countries

Pages 146-164

By: S. Ferguson; Translated by: Sh. Soltani

National Library of China

Pages 178-189

By: Gh. Fedai Eraghi

Up the Beans Talk: An Evolutionary Organizational Structure for Libraries

Pages 213-223

By: I. Hoaley & J. Corbin; Translated by: B. Parto


The consequences of Glanost

Pages 229-244

By: N. Zilper; Translated by: N. Ghaem Maghami Farahani

Librarianship in the USSR: The Reality of Transformation

Pages 245-267

By: L. Inkova & U. Osipova; Translated by: F. Zohadi