Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 4, March 2003, Pages 1-380 

Editorial Note

Editorial Note

Pages 7-10

F. Khosravi

Webliography: a road to the effective use of World web

Pages 152-158

S. Rezaei Sharifabadi; M. Hassan Zadeh

Digital Library research: carrent developments and trends

Pages 179-185

By: A. Shiri; Translated by: E. Omrani

The German Library system: Structure and new development

Pages 186-206

By: C. Lux; Translated by: B. Mazloomi

The use of Electronic - Only Journals in Scientific Research

Pages 207-223

By: R.D. Llewellyn, L.J. Pellack, D.D. Shonrock; Translated by: F. Zare Zadeh

National Library in the 21th century: dinosaur or dynamo

Pages 226-241

By: P.J. Lor; Translated by: Z. Hadad

Knowledge management: A Model Approach

Pages 242-249

BY: B. Bater; Translated by: M. Alipoor Hafezi