Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, 3, & 4, March 1991, Pages 148-482 

Review Article

Book and writing in Islam

Pages 147-164

M. Rajabi

The Library situation in Tadjikistan: How to improve it?

Pages 178-199

By: A. Rahimov; Translated by: M. Shoja'i

Library, information, economics

Pages 242-255

By: J. Michel; Translated by: M. Dovoudi

The impact of technology on information users

Pages 256-271

By: E. Morales; Translated by: R. Zad

An evaluation of AACR2

Pages 272-289

By: N. Musavi; R. Fattahi

Review Article

Bradford's law and Bibliometry

Pages 290-324

By: Sh. Mirshamsi


Developing countries and informatic

Pages 341-357

Translated by: M. Mohajer

Review Article

Planning and administering bibliographical tools

Pages 358-365

By: Gh. Fedai Eraghi


Management and qualitative and quantitive evaluation of library school teachers in China

Pages 366-387

By: W.U. Guang-Wei; Translated by: E. Afshar Zanjani