Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, 2, 3, & 4, March 1992, Pages 1-299 

Review Article

Reference Services

Pages 9-27

N. Moradi


Educating Reference Librarian: A Basic Course

Pages 28-41

By: L. Sherby; Translated by: Sh. Soltani

Review Article

Automated Reference Services

Pages 75-90

A. Ghaebi


Reference Education and the New Technology

Pages 91-111

S.M.E. Jackson; Translated by: A.R. Bahman-Abadi

Rules for Performing Step in The Reference Process

Pages 134-149

By: G. Jahoda; Translated by: V. Bozorg Chami

Review Article

International Youth Library

Pages 150-163

N. Mousavi

Bibliometrics & Informetrics

Pages 183-209

M. Amir Hosseini


The Making of a Reference Librarian

Pages 235-266

By: S. Rothstein; Translated by: R. Kiyai