The Information Literacy Skill of Librarians and the Extent to which it Complies with the ACRL Standard in the National Library of Iran

Document Type : Research ŮŽ Article


1 M.A. of Library and Information Science, National Library and Archives of Iran, Tehran, I.R. Iran

2 Faculty member, National Library and Archives of Iran, Tehran, Iran


Purpose: This research aims to evaluate the information literacy of 250 librarians - educated in library studies and other fields of education - in the National Library and Archives of Iran.
Design/Methodology/ Approach: This survey-analysis research has been carried out on the basis of a researcher-made questionnaire.
Findings: The Skills of librarians (both graduates in library sciences and other fields) of the National Library is at an optimum level in searching strategies, but is not optimal in terms of properly understanding information needs. The information literacy skills of the librarians do not comply with standards as expected. Furthermore, in all standards (except for standard 4), the information skills of librarians are acceptable. Overall, considering the percentage of correct responses to information literacy questions, the responders who were educated in field of library sciences outperformed those with other educational backgrounds.
Conclusions: According to the findings of this study, more attention must be paid to enhancing information literacy in the undergraduate level. Furthermore, information literacy workshops, in-service educational classes, and English classes are also proposed as methods for enhancing information literacy skills.